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Soul Shine Boudoir Kara Ames

Hi my name is Kara, owner and photographer at Soul Shine Boudoir. I'm a creative mind from Western Pennsylvania. I have a special place in my heart for Florida and in my very many visits decided to pursue expanding my photography business to new locations. 


Boudoir changed my life.  It helped me to find who I am and showed me that I am enough. I believe that my divine purpose is to provide the same life-changing experience that will spark a new self-confidence for women of all walks of life. My mission is to help every woman thrive through empowerment over objectification.

Much like myself, my passion for photography is anything but ordinary. When I pick up a camera, I do everything I can to capture the heart of those I see through the view finder.

Catching a meaningful moment in time that will never happen again makes my soul shine.

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